Pop Art and Contemporary Paintings

Ton creates Pop Art and contemporary paintings. He has a background in Graphic Arts and Silkscreen Printing.

Living in the Caribbean, Mexico and his many visits to urban Miami has given Ton’s paintings a unique colorful style with influences from the hot tropical Caribbean, the lush rainforests and Mayan people in Mexico to the urban lifestyle of Miami. His works are full of energy, passion and “Joie de Vivre”.

He paints in a spontaneous style but with eye for details giving his art a contemporary look. He is fascinated by the expression on people’s faces and tries to catch the character of the protagonist.

Painting is for him a way to create his own reality and indulge himself in a world of tranquility, serenity and non-disturbance. It recreates a different world while he paints according to his wishes, reality, ideas, desires and doubts. His works explore the humankind and the not so humankind in their relationships. His pop art portraits are a reflection in his relationship with people.