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Commission a portrait

The painting portrait process has a couple of stages that need to be go through.

First stage is to have good photographs to start from. Ton likes to take these this personally to get to know the person a bit.
Somethings to consider:

  • Subject– single or multiple figures
  • Location- indoors or outdoors
  • Pose- natural or posed
  • Size of Painting– Head & Shoulders, 3/4 Figure or Full Figure, canvas size

Together we will choose the photograph Ton will work from.
You will have to pay for traveling costs of course.

Ton will send you an example of how the painting will be going to look like.

Portrait Fees

Commission prices are based on a single subject. Canvas sizes may vary somewhat to adjust to compositions. Commission prices are based upon the size of the painting and the number of subjects.Ton doesn’t do pet portraits.

The prices for two and three figure portraits will be established before the sitting. A discount of 10% per additional figure may be applied towards a single painting which contains two or more figures.

Upon request, Ton Peelen will work with the client to select a custom frame that is appropriate to the painting and the placement of the portrait. Framing, shipping costs and travel expenses are in addition to the price of the portrait.


A payment of 50% of the commission price is required at the time of shooting the photographs. This payment is non-refundable in order to compensate for the artist’s time and progression of the portrait. The remaining balance is paid upon completion of the portrait.