Ton Peelen

Pop Art and Contemporary Paintings

Ton creates Pop Art and contemporary paintings. He has a background in Graphic Arts and Silkscreen Printing.

He is a nomad, a traveler, a wanderer, a celebrator of life, an artist. He lived in The Netherlands, Belgium, Curacao, Florida and Mexico.

Ton’s art today is a result of years of thinking about the rules and conceptions of art. Established rules have always brought out the rebel in him. The same happened when he started to paint. He wants to be free from the limited beliefs and established rules of art in his paintings and use his own pallet of colors that changes from time to time.

His paintings inherit the figurative style of old masters and the colors and abstractions of more contemporary painters and he calls his paintings a form of abstract realism. Eyes and lips and facial expression of the protagonists are important because in the world nowadays, communication and human interaction are more important than ever.

Living in the Caribbean, Mexico and his many visits to urban Miami has given Ton’s paintings a unique colorful style with influences from the hot tropical Caribbean, the lush rainforests and Mayan people in Mexico to the urban lifestyle of Miami. His works are full of energy, passion and “Joie de Vivre”.

Dutch artist Ton Peelen

ART by Ton

Ton is fascinated by faces, their expressions and characters they display. Faces of famous people, models and people he finds inspirational are the subject of his paintings. He finds inspiration by the photographs he finds on the internet or he photographs people himself. He adepts the photographs for his works with Photoshop. Color schemes are not used, colors are created ad hoc on his palette.

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